Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Down,One To Go...

Have completed one wrist-warmer & really pleased with it after the initial hiccup.

On the subject of knitting,thought I'd like to contribute to this great project.How about you?

These arrived in the mail this morning,which made my day....

Thought I'd use them to make gift-tags,but also want to experiment with stamping them on fabric to make something.Found them for sale on the internet & saved $20(including postage from US) on the price I'd seen them in a shop here for-pays to shop around!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back To Blog

Well here I am finally around to doing another post!I find day after day I mean to get to blogging,but for one reason or another it doesn't happen.But today it is! And it's quite a large one!
Where to start....?

Ok...last week we went for a daytrip to Forster which is about 2hrs or so up the coast & somewhere we hadn't been before.Discovered a place on the way called Seal Rocks,which I'd heard about from one of the girls at Honeybee.It is lovely!Here's some pics of it,although they don't really show it off  as well as I'd hoped...

It actually has quite a long sweeping beach of golden sand which I didn't get a shot of, & lots of holiday cottages,though not too many as to be over crowded-a summer break destination me thinks!

Forster was quite nice too but quite a big town,with lots of holiday accommodation(tall apartment blocks)-would be pretty busy in the summer I would imagine,which is not our cup of tea.However,we enjoyed yummy fish & chips there(which we don't get much here as the average price is around $9.00 for a piece of fish & some chips!!And they don't come in newspaper-usually in a cardboard box with a wedge of lemon & plastic knife & fork!Not REAL fish & chips!)And there were some good oppies!

Her's my loot from there....

 Dolly,complete with crimplene trousers

 Several metres of this vintage cotton fabric,still crisp

 Pumpkin cups,great for soup

An unusual cup & saucer-love the colour & shape

A small pressed glass compote

Little cocktail forks

These ones mother-of-pearl...all in a cute litttle glass for $1.00!

And my fave...

Beautiful Irish linen napkins,still in there packaging-a real gem!

Back in Newcastle I have picked these up in the last couple of weeks....

Plastic raffia basket

Thirteen Bobbsey Twins books

More books

Another childhood favourite-I used to have several pop-up books by Mabel Lucie Attwell

Just delightful!

 Set of cocktail trays

A Magic Roundabout tin kaleidoscope-I used to love that TV programme-Dougal,Florence,Zebedee et all!

Another lovely tray

Swedish soup cups-the green is so much nicer than in photo-one of my favourite shades of chartreuse

Crochet nana blanket in such nice colours-usually see them in the ugliest of colourways!

A pair of unused pretty pillowcases,homemade complete with french seams & I suspect in Clydella

Brushed cotton kiddie's fabric

A quaint vintage evening purse

Oh,I really should stop for a while!!But one just never knows what goodies one might find!

So excited when these came in the mail last week...

Woven labels for my sewing creations-can't wait to sew them on all my market goods

Speaking of which,have been making more of these-around 70 this time-in preperation for August market happening on the 7th...

Have also made this neck-warmer for myself...

...and have been wearing it lots-am quite surprised at just how cold it can get here(sure,no NZ frost-like conditions,but pretty cold-at times)

Now on the needles...

Wrist warmers...had a few problems with this free pattern from Spotlight-made about 6 attempts at getting cables right as the first one worked out but the next two were all wonky.Went in & asked for help as I was sure it wasn't just me.Lady rang me back this morning...but guess what?Last night I figured it out for myself!(wasn't going to let it get the better of me)Yes,there was a mistake in the pattern & I was able to tell her what it was!Haven't done cables for years-I really like them,when they go right.

Well now,I really should go & get dressed!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Incredible Envelope Project!

Yesterday I sent off my contribution to Meet Me At Mike's envelope project-what  a great idea!

This is my envelope....

....and here are it's contents

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pretty Pinkness....

These are my favourite finds from the last week-2 lovely pink plates,a pretty water jug & old pink glass rosary beads

Also came upon these....

A Pyrex loaf dish-thinking it could be great for making lasagne for 2

Plastic fantastic!Don't we all need one of these little collapsable cups in it's own compact wee container to go in our handbag?!

A great dustcover on this old book

And this line-up of little beauties.

Got up early to attend the flea market on Sunday -haven't done that for quite a few weeks.It was so cold here(yes,really!),& there were lots of vacant spaces,so it was pretty quiet.Still,sold quite a few bits & pieces & talked to some nice people.Will be having a break again until about mid August,as working Sunday shifts at the 'Bee'-am working there all day tomorrow,yay!