Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chicken Pie

My version adapted from another recipe...

Chopped bacon,sliced celery & leek

Cook the above in some butter until leek is soft...

Add flour &half chicken stock,half milk to make a thickesh white sauce.Add creamed corn & corn kernels plus chunks of cooked chicken...

Put into a pie dish & cover the top with buttered & scrunched up filo pastry...

Bake until pastry is golden...

Serve & enjoy!

Again,very easy & quick.I buy a whole cooked chicken,which does us for two meals,so the quantities I use are for 1/2  leftover chicken,1 leek,1/2 can creamed corn,2 sticks celery...alter amounts for yourselves accordingly.
(Cooked chickens are so reasonable here,$10.90 for a lge. stuffed one,& really nice-I usually also simmer the carcass to make stock,so great value!)

Also been making....

More baby bibs,these for two new baby girls that two lots of friends have had recently.

Sent this sweet knitted rattle to one of them too...

...bought from Honeybee,but originally from here.They do other veges,doughnuts & cupcakes-so cute!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A lovely mini-holiday

Early last week we spent 2 nights here....

 ....the spectacular,awe-inspiring,incredible,breathtaking Blue Mountains!

Me & the 3 sisters!

We went on a huge hike(about 3 hours,huge for us)down ,down,down approx. 900 steps(known as the Giant Steps) then through beautiful rainforest before getting a ride back to the top on the world's steepest railway-thankfully in caged carriages!

Once back up at the top,we travelled back to our starting point across the valley in the skyway cable-car,which had a glass floor so you could see below,all that way down!

Afterwards we visited this place & had tea & dainty little sandwiches,looked around some lovely shops in Leura,then went here for a quiet drink.

What a beautiful old hotel-would love to have visited(maybe stayed & attended a ball!)in it's heyday.

Katoomba(the main town of the Blue Mountains) has many Art Deco buildings,which thankfully have been preserved.

And house some great shops & cafes.

We stayed in a lovely old cottage-the walls & ceilings in the lounge,bedroom & kitchen are covered in the original pressed metal.We were grateful that it also had a double spa bath in a little shed out the back,as a bitterly cold wind was blowing most of the time we were there,& our legs were in need of a long soak after our walk(they were worse the next day & continued to be sore for almost a week!)

Aahh,chocolate & wine in the spa....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tonight's Dinner

Lamb cutlets with pistachio & mint pesto(from September issue of Notebook magazine-no link to recipe sorry,let me know if you want it & I'll write it up for you)

Served with potato & artichoke salad....

....and barbequed asparagus

Also BBQed the lamb....so delicious,& easy!

Have also made these delicious curtains for Nic...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hervey Bay

Well,it's 2 weeks since I went to Hervey Bay with Mum & Dad...and since I last blogged!So here at last are some pics.

Nicola & Tony's beautiful haven....

The dam was flooded in this photo due to lots of rain

Mum,Nic & I visited 'Mavisbanks' in Maryborough-an amazing historic home with every room full of treasures from the past,& lived in by the owners.

Have never seen a dressing table like this before,with such beautiful coloured carved fruit & flowers

Depression-era homemade drawers-people had to be so resourceful....

  ....these ones made from old sardine cans!


We even got afternoon tea,thanks to leftovers from a busload of visitors

What a lovely & fascinating time we had.

Remember some time back I told you about a 'constructive eating' set Nic & I saw when she was here visiting me ,that we thought our Dad would like....

....well,we bought him one,which caused lots of laughs!

Me & Fi

I stayed the first night with her in the lovely new home that her,David & the boys have created...so good to spend time with her,as it was with Nic,& extra time with Mum & Dad.(& Blake,Jaiden & Tony)

Four really nice nights & days in Hervey Bay....Thankyou Nic x