Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rainy Days

Am I pleased to see this little lady out today!We have had several days of wet,wet,wet-very heavy rain at times.I don't expect her to stay out for long though,as heavier rain is forecast in the next few days!Yay!So this morning the washing machine is going in the hope of a catch up.
At least it hasn't been as bad as the weather back home in places,with more nastiness forecast there as well!
So the past couple of days have been filled by indoor domestics & some sewing.

Caught up on ironing(yuk!) ,& did some defluffing of some winter woolies.Have you ever used one of these handy little gadgets?They work wonders & actually can become quite addictive to use!Amazing how much fluff they collect,& you start thinking what else can I use it on?My clothes may be in fear of becoming bald!And then one can start to imagine if all that fluff was collected over time from hundreds of lint shavers,how could it be recycled and what could it be used for?!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maitland Finds

As reported in yesterday's post,I took a drive to Maitland (a short distance further on from Morpeth) on Friday & came home pleased as punch with what I had found at the oppies there (7 on the main street!)

Some vintage fabric to add to the stash

Retro Japanese stoneware

A delightful drinks tray (the circles are actually compartments to hold glasses)

An assortment of vintage buckles..... add to my collection 

These little vases (or maybe candle holders)

The wee vase & pink basket to add to this collection (only 50c each & not a chip!)

And some more old snap fasteners to add to this collection!

Earlier in the week I found....

This lovely Italian mini screen

And this beautiful floppy vintage fabric,which will make a lovely summer dress or skirt....sometime!

Now,given that I'm not going to be doing the flea market again for several weeks (I have some Sunday shifts at Honeybee,& going home for a week) & have my stepson coming to stay a while in our tiny spare room (where I normally store stuff),I need to try & exercise some restraint with my op shopping!Hmmm....!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Back at last!

Well,finally I'm ready to blog again!Hasn't been high on my list the past wee while,with one thing & another.Have had the worry of  Dad having a quadruple bypass,followed by a few complications-made all the harder for me by being here & not there.But am so relieved & glad  to know he has gone home today & is progressing well.Much rejoicing in the family!

I attended the flea market again last Sunday,which was a bit quieter,but still went ok-quite an effort on my own though!

Then after the market,I picked up my dear sister Nic-& then began lots of fun & enjoyment!I haven't laughed so much in ages! I was especially glad to see her & have family here,after the worry with Dad.The weather was appalling with the most rain we've had in ages,& I have been the coldest I've ever been in Newcastle-so they really do get winter here!However,we rugged up & went out,starting with a trip to historic Morpeth -a lovely little old river port about 45 mins north of here.Lots of amazing old buildings,an old general store turned into an interesting complex of shops,galleries,cafe,etc. & the most incredible junk & old wares store you'd be likely to see!Didn't leave till on dark!The next day was spent on a tiki tour of Newcastle,shopping,warming soup for lunch,chatting,laughing...we nearly burst ourselves when we found this!
For those in the know of our Dad's eating habits,you'll understand!Fancy laughing at his expense when he was in hospital,but aren't we lucky that we could!The rest of the time was spent by more shopping,lots more chatting,loads more laughter,& with Carl not here,our own timetable for going out & coming home,eating,going to bed....what a lovely time we had!

Now for some photos of last weeks finds....

A beautiful(??) swan....

A bonnny boy!                                                                                                                                                                           

 Gorgeous red velvet beaded slippers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Treasure Island....

....And to go with it!

This little gem

The pram of the time

The sewing machine of the time

Fancy yourself a plumber?
Girls can do anything!!I may become a complete domestic goddess yet!!

Flamenco anyone?

This stunner-the pleated sleeves are amazing!

A beautiful old frame

More old knitting & crochet patterns

Handsome heroes!

And this old cane lounge chair.Only $20!

Today I took a drive to Maitland,which is op-shop heaven!Came home with lots of good finds,but more on that later....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

I hope all you Mums have had a lovely Mother's Day & it has held lots of special memories for you.I have especially missed my dear boys today,but have had lovely greetings from them all & I have happy memories of last Mother's Day,which I spent with them & girlfriends back home,playing indoor 3-D mini-golf! We had great fun!

I also miss my darling Mum,who is a very special mother,grandmother & great grandmother....

....and wish I could be with her & my equally special Dad at this time

February 2010

The flea market went really well again today-I am really enjoying doing it!Had my trusty sidekick(Carl) with me to help set up & pack up today,which is a help(well,...mostly).Back next Sunday,but on my own as Carl is working then off to Wellington for 4 nights.After market I will be picking up my big sister Nic who is coming to stay with me for 3 nights.Can't wait!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Goodies

Some more glassware,including a blue glass lemon squeezer,which I have never seen before....

Oranges & lemons....

Cushions & cosies....

An old enamel ladle....

Groovy ramekins....

More enamelware....

 This little fellow!....

 And the Bobbsey twins!

So tomorrow it's off to the flea market again.Of course,I can't part with every thing....

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Finds

This gorgeous satin brocade fabric(actually 2 old curtains) in beautiful condition-photo doesn't do it justice-it is a deep red with gold pattern.

Rolls of vintage tissue paper

Some old crochet pattern books

This lovely little old tin-think I'll hang on to this

These amazing handmade dolly pegs-apparently mahogany & made by an apprentice woodworker here in Newcastle.Found them in an antique shop just around the corner from where we live & was told the story by the lovely old man who owns the shop with his wife,who redoes the wicker seats of dining chairs by hand-an interesting couple.Definately hanging on to these-they are a treasure!

Still on the hunt for a few more goodies to sell at this Sunday's fleamarket....