Monday, August 23, 2010

Hervey Bay

Well,it's 2 weeks since I went to Hervey Bay with Mum & Dad...and since I last blogged!So here at last are some pics.

Nicola & Tony's beautiful haven....

The dam was flooded in this photo due to lots of rain

Mum,Nic & I visited 'Mavisbanks' in Maryborough-an amazing historic home with every room full of treasures from the past,& lived in by the owners.

Have never seen a dressing table like this before,with such beautiful coloured carved fruit & flowers

Depression-era homemade drawers-people had to be so resourceful....

  ....these ones made from old sardine cans!


We even got afternoon tea,thanks to leftovers from a busload of visitors

What a lovely & fascinating time we had.

Remember some time back I told you about a 'constructive eating' set Nic & I saw when she was here visiting me ,that we thought our Dad would like....

....well,we bought him one,which caused lots of laughs!

Me & Fi

I stayed the first night with her in the lovely new home that her,David & the boys have good to spend time with her,as it was with Nic,& extra time with Mum & Dad.(& Blake,Jaiden & Tony)

Four really nice nights & days in Hervey Bay....Thankyou Nic x

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frangipani said...

Nice to have an update on what you've been doing with the oldies(and Nic and Fiona. Love that shelf with all the drawers-would be handy for so many things! Realise today that I hadn't thanked you for the card and pressie you sent after my surgery so THANK YOU-very sweet and much appreciated:)