Monday, May 3, 2010

To Market,To Market........

Well,I'm finally back!As you may have guessed, I got too busy leading up to the weekend- preparing for my market stalls-to blog!But it was all worth it with both days being a success for me & leaving me really encouraged.So some photos.....

I decided I need to be a bit more methodical with my sewing -instead of  cutting & sewing each item as I go,it is better to .....cut,cut,sew,sew,iron,iron!Can get a bit tedious,but I really do need to be more ordered than muddled!I ended up with 88 of these flags for my bunting-didn't use all of them this time so now have some left ready to make up more as I need to.

                            Candy coloured bias tape for the top 

                                   Felt flower brooches


Papier mache mannequins covered in old sheet music & pages from old books & magazines

                                     Bandana baby bibs

                                    Vintage fabric brooches

                                     Lavender hearts

                                    Draw-string bags

Flea market photos later......


Frangipani said...

Love it all!!

clare :: greenvalleycrafts said...

Cool! Wish I could have come to your markets :) I made my first sale on my felt shop last night!