Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maitland Finds

As reported in yesterday's post,I took a drive to Maitland (a short distance further on from Morpeth) on Friday & came home pleased as punch with what I had found at the oppies there (7 on the main street!)

Some vintage fabric to add to the stash

Retro Japanese stoneware

A delightful drinks tray (the circles are actually compartments to hold glasses)

An assortment of vintage buckles..... add to my collection 

These little vases (or maybe candle holders)

The wee vase & pink basket to add to this collection (only 50c each & not a chip!)

And some more old snap fasteners to add to this collection!

Earlier in the week I found....

This lovely Italian mini screen

And this beautiful floppy vintage fabric,which will make a lovely summer dress or skirt....sometime!

Now,given that I'm not going to be doing the flea market again for several weeks (I have some Sunday shifts at Honeybee,& going home for a week) & have my stepson coming to stay a while in our tiny spare room (where I normally store stuff),I need to try & exercise some restraint with my op shopping!Hmmm....!

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allie said...

loving all ya stuff ing great op shop finds. Ive caught onto the blog revolution too now only just started though my blog