Friday, May 21, 2010

Back at last!

Well,finally I'm ready to blog again!Hasn't been high on my list the past wee while,with one thing & another.Have had the worry of  Dad having a quadruple bypass,followed by a few complications-made all the harder for me by being here & not there.But am so relieved & glad  to know he has gone home today & is progressing well.Much rejoicing in the family!

I attended the flea market again last Sunday,which was a bit quieter,but still went ok-quite an effort on my own though!

Then after the market,I picked up my dear sister Nic-& then began lots of fun & enjoyment!I haven't laughed so much in ages! I was especially glad to see her & have family here,after the worry with Dad.The weather was appalling with the most rain we've had in ages,& I have been the coldest I've ever been in Newcastle-so they really do get winter here!However,we rugged up & went out,starting with a trip to historic Morpeth -a lovely little old river port about 45 mins north of here.Lots of amazing old buildings,an old general store turned into an interesting complex of shops,galleries,cafe,etc. & the most incredible junk & old wares store you'd be likely to see!Didn't leave till on dark!The next day was spent on a tiki tour of Newcastle,shopping,warming soup for lunch,chatting,laughing...we nearly burst ourselves when we found this!
For those in the know of our Dad's eating habits,you'll understand!Fancy laughing at his expense when he was in hospital,but aren't we lucky that we could!The rest of the time was spent by more shopping,lots more chatting,loads more laughter,& with Carl not here,our own timetable for going out & coming home,eating,going to bed....what a lovely time we had!

Now for some photos of last weeks finds....

A beautiful(??) swan....

A bonnny boy!                                                                                                                                                                           

 Gorgeous red velvet beaded slippers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Treasure Island....

....And to go with it!

This little gem

The pram of the time

The sewing machine of the time

Fancy yourself a plumber?
Girls can do anything!!I may become a complete domestic goddess yet!!

Flamenco anyone?

This stunner-the pleated sleeves are amazing!

A beautiful old frame

More old knitting & crochet patterns

Handsome heroes!

And this old cane lounge chair.Only $20!

Today I took a drive to Maitland,which is op-shop heaven!Came home with lots of good finds,but more on that later....

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Frangipani said...

Isn't it great that Poppa is home now? Just hope that he recovers well and completely.
Oh and that bonny boy was an interesting find!!