Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Finds

This gorgeous satin brocade fabric(actually 2 old curtains) in beautiful condition-photo doesn't do it justice-it is a deep red with gold pattern.

Rolls of vintage tissue paper

Some old crochet pattern books

This lovely little old tin-think I'll hang on to this

These amazing handmade dolly pegs-apparently mahogany & made by an apprentice woodworker here in Newcastle.Found them in an antique shop just around the corner from where we live & was told the story by the lovely old man who owns the shop with his wife,who redoes the wicker seats of dining chairs by hand-an interesting couple.Definately hanging on to these-they are a treasure!

Still on the hunt for a few more goodies to sell at this Sunday's fleamarket....

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Nicola said...

This is sister Nic who visited 16th-19th May.
Ingrid and I had a GREAT time and the laughter was good therapy.I am so proud of what Ing is doing with her time;sewing,oppie shopping for treasures,marketing and working at Honeybee.We visited and I now know why she loves working there.I am inspired to start my own blog,so watch out!