Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

I hope all you Mums have had a lovely Mother's Day & it has held lots of special memories for you.I have especially missed my dear boys today,but have had lovely greetings from them all & I have happy memories of last Mother's Day,which I spent with them & girlfriends back home,playing indoor 3-D mini-golf! We had great fun!

I also miss my darling Mum,who is a very special mother,grandmother & great grandmother....

....and wish I could be with her & my equally special Dad at this time

February 2010

The flea market went really well again today-I am really enjoying doing it!Had my trusty sidekick(Carl) with me to help set up & pack up today,which is a help(well,...mostly).Back next Sunday,but on my own as Carl is working then off to Wellington for 4 nights.After market I will be picking up my big sister Nic who is coming to stay with me for 3 nights.Can't wait!

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